Şirket Profili

Zümrüt Art of Glass has been succeeded to become a leading firm, owing to our experience and ability to follow new trends, in glass decoration sector since 1981. Our company has became one of the respected trade mark which continues adding value in its sector all around world because of our distinct design features, unquestionable quality level, wide diversity of products and sales service.   

Zümrüt Art of Glass is able to reflect expectations and demands of sector to its services and products every possible way with customer oriented approach, also we have been continue improving  all production and service processes without any break.  Due to the target namely becoming first, we produce newer, more modern and more different products, we are setting new high levels in marketing strategies. 

We always try to improve all our processing methods to prove our respect to environment. We use even smallest glass particle in manufacturing by creating different, efficient and environmentalist product types by high quality and environmental production methods.  In the same time, we ship our products in carton boxes to all world so that we are managed to minimize usage of unnecessary styropor and similar unhealthy isolation materials.   Dying process is hold between two glasses, which proves our approach to human health issues in our plants.

Zümrüt Art of Glass came up with new approach to sector which is producing handmade glass products by usuing glass art manufacturing technology. We offer quality in every area such as small retail store and design services.